Systems Engineering Executive Overview

This class examines the strategic importance of systems engineering in the 21st century. It looks at the nature of systems, and how they are developed, engineered, and managed. The class covers establishing an effective team environment, maintaining open communications, and establishing true, cost-effective process discipline. Finally, the students will discuss what outstanding SE managers must know to succeed.

Topics include:

  1. Strategic importance of systems engineering in the 21st century

  2. Management roles and interactions among SE Manager, Chief Engineer, System Architect, and Program Manager

  3. Managing and cultivating great systems engineers

  4. Unique challenges and approaches for software intensive heterogeneous systems

  5. The systems engineering process

  6. The role of systems engineering in the life cycle of a program

  7. Managing requirements to minimize creep and cost growth

  8. Exploding the requirements “Catch 22”

  9. When do managers need to require early functional analysis?

  10. Managing user/stakeholder expectations, trade studies and Cost As an Independent Variable (CAIV)

  11. Managing system architecture definition

  12. Application of modeling and simulation to SE

  13. Configuration management

  14. When and how to freeze

  15. Running an effective configuration management board

  16. Managing systems engineering teams

  17. Managing verification, validation, and integration

  18. Planning and leading systems engineering

  19. Organizational approaches to systems engineering

  20. The art and science of cost estimation

  21. The art and science of risk and margin management

  22. Benefits of effective systems engineering management


An engineering or scientific baccalaureate degree or equivalent engineering experience

Who Should Attend

Those with supervisory responsibility for systems engineering; chief engineers; and systems engineers with over seven years of SE experience.


Dr. Joel Sercel, ICS Associates

Detailed Course Outline

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