Spacecraft and Space Mission Design:

If you want to know how to design satellites and spacecraft and how to design space missions, this is the course for you!  This course does more than just provide an explanation of the physics of operation and the design principles behind all the major elements of a modern space project including systems, subsystems, and space mission design. The emphasis is on providing the participant with the practical knowledge they require to individually produce technically rigorous end-to-end designs of spacecraft and space missions, or to effectively contribute as a member or leader of a highly functional integrated design, analysis, or contracting team developing a satellite or spacecraft. Example calculations and in class exercises are provided based on planetary and space science missions of direct relevance to the commercial communications satellite industry, to NASA, and other space mission customers.

On completion of this course a registrant will be able to:

- Complete a technically-rigorous end-to-end conceptual level design or a satellite or spacecraft and space mission

- Contribute as a fully functioning member or leader of a multi-disciplinary space project design team

- Appreciate the roles of all members of a space project design team

- Communicate with specialists from all major technical disciplines regarding cross discipline design and analysis issues

- Plan and lead or contribute to better design team meetings

- Plan and lead or contribute to better design reviews

- Senior course registrants will gain insights critical to assuming the role of project systems engineer or project systems architect

Who Should Attend:

- Any engineer, engineering manager or scientist who plans to work on a space mission or project

- System engineers wishing to gain improved understanding of subsystem and mission design

- Subsystem and payload engineers wishing to broaden to systems engineering or systems architecture work

- Mission and software engineers wishing to learn more about space hardware

Course Prerequisites:

This course can be taken by any working engineer, engineering manager, or scientist possessing a technical background and/or a technical job function.  A minimum background of a bachelor’s science degree in engineering, physics or a related field is recommended.

Course Duration

This nominal five day course can be tailored for two, three, four, or five days according to the needs of the client.

Detailed Course Outline

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