Vital Software Systems Engineering and Management Practices

Across industries and in all disciplines today, development projects are becoming software dominated. Even in traditional hardware areas such as automobiles, aircraft, and satellites, software is emerging as the largest area of cost and schedule overruns and technical failures. This course reviews the vital knowledge about software project management and systems engineering that all systems engineering and technical management professionals must understand if their company is to be successful not just in software projects, but in any project.

Topics include:

  1. Fundamental differences between hardware and software development

  2. The mythical man-month as it relates to software development

  3. Irreducible truths of software intensive program management

  4. Managing the use of COTS software components for mission-critical systems

  5. The software development process

  6. Elements of software program planning

  7. Methods of software cost and schedule estimation

  8. Software design and architecture principles

  9. Software development methodologies

  10. Critical best practices for software test and verification

  11. How to measure and manage progress on a software project


An engineering or scientific baccalaureate degree or equivalent engineering experience

Who Should Attend

Systems engineers and managers with at least five years of SE experience and who are in lead or supervisory positions.


Dr. Joel Sercel, ICS Associates

Duration: 1.5 Days

ICS Associates