Driving Innovation In The Organization

Why Learn to Innovate?

Technology advances relentlessly, altering the rules and reshaping our systems and approaches. Customers are fickle and competitors aggressively target our piece of the pie. If markets were stable, if customers were predictable, if competitors didn’t create new missions, products, and processes, and if technology stayed constant, we could just keep going as we always have. But change is racing at us faster and faster, and with change comes new vulnerabilities.

Today, smart leaders ask themselves, “Are we managing change to our advantage? Are we capitalizing on innovation to build the bottom line?”

Today, you either drive change or ... you are made to change.

Driving change is hard, but it brings enormous advantages. Being changed carries a huge load of potentially negative consequences and generally results in failure. Today you must innovate to get ahead, and you must learn to innovate repeatably to stay in front.


Taught by a by Dr. Joel Sercel, a proven and world-recognized innovator and authority in systems engineering, this course teaches real innovation that changes the bottom line by providing the secrets to:

  1. Turning great ideas into great products and processes

  2. Fielding disruptive new products and processes faster

  3. Using innovation to help your organization thrive in times of uncertainty and change

  4. Generating far more than your fair share of great ideas

  5. Building innovative teams and unleashing the creative talent of their people to actually deliver on the promise of innovation!

This program is for executives, managers, marketers, product developers, and engineers who are determined to thrive and help their organization thrive in times of rapid technological change, uncertainty, and shifting customer preferences. Registrants will learn powerful new techniques in marketing, product development, technology assessment, project execution, technology transfer, team building, and talent management, in the context of the leadership methods that are achieving breakthrough performance and driving the bottom line of the world’s best organizations. Participants will gain the ability to position their organization’s for future sustainment, growth, and adaptation to changing economic conditions, technologies, business models, and missions.

Participants learn:

  1. Tactics for dealing with the internal politics and resistance to change that can threaten innovation and early-stage development

  2. Techniques for building innovative teams

  3. Methods for deeply understanding user needs in ways much more powerful than traditional marketing or product requirements development

  4. Methods for identifying better innovations more quickly, including the early adopter model for discovering breakthrough products, services

  5. How to quickly turn new ideas into successful products, missions, processes, and business models.

Detailed Course Description

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